E3 2019 is definitely the most PC centered show we’ve seen in years, with Microsoft announcing Xbox Game Pass for PC and bringing to Steam its future first-party games. For a business that has long seemed to tolerate more than adopt its Windows-based crowd, these are big moves.

And with the lack of Sony, it’s secure to say that at some stage almost every game at the show (apart from Nintendo’s) will come to the PC.

What games are there? Well, for you, we’ve set up a large list— nearly every trailer we’ve seen over the past two days, from Outer Worlds to Microsoft Flight Simulator, and from Doom Eternal to Watch Dogs Legion. It was an exciting E3, and we haven’t hit the ground of the show yet.

We’ve listed these matches approximately in their announcements ‘ chronological order, so be sure to check out the whole thing to prevent missing out. And while we covered all the big revelations, every new game trailer we couldn’t squeeze in here. Check out our coverage of Microsoft, PC Gaming Show, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Square Enix events if you’re searching for trailers for some smaller games and expansions.

Baldur’s Gate III

Baldurs Gate III is technically the first trailer we saw at E3 2019, right? Sure, last Thursday Google’s Stadia event occurred, but I count it as part of the celebrations. And it was a hell of a manner to begin the week, both a surprise-sequel I believed we would never get and an utterly terrible trailer teasing an invasion of Mind Flayers, one of the most creepy and threatening enemies of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Outer Worlds

With Obsidian’s Outer Wilds, one of my most expected matches this year, Microsoft began its press conference. Once again we have a tightly edited trailer that provides little context or hint to the general framework, but there are plenty of lovely sights to admire and I’m sold on the Fallout: New Vegas-looking discussions alone.

Blair Witch

It’s hard to imagine any team outdoing Outlast, which was that concept in everything but name, but Bloober’s been on a streak these last few years and I’ll be curious how they meld an established universe with their fever dream approach to horror.

Cyberpunk 2077

Turns out Keanu Reeves is making a celebrity cameo in the game, as you’ll see at the end of the recent trailer — which seems to be the start of the game if I had to guess, with a deal gone sour and your protagonist seemingly gone dead at the end.

Dying Light 2

Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t the only major April 2020 release, if you can believe it. Dying Light 2 is also releasing before I ever expected, and also targeting that same month.That makes two sprawling, story-heavy games due within weeks of each other. It’s going to be an embarrassment of riches.