It’s coming to the point of Keanu Reeves being officially called a true Hollywood Nomad lately. No one seems to mind that he seems to be a lonely drifter that helps improve every Tinseltown film, animated voiceover, cameo, or video game.

Yes, there is likely a meta-movie that only Reeves could perform about such a personality. Meanwhile, this renewed respect for Reeves makes many individuals speculate about what else they can do in the action films world.

Could he be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next best thing? With the MCU now using time travel, it makes you wonder if in the upcoming sequel to the latter, Ted from the Bill & Ted franchise will make a stoner reference to it.

With all the enthusiasm regarding Phase Four of MCU (formally announced later this summer), a lot of people ask if Keanu Reeves would fit in practicing a superhero. Thanks to John Wick 3’s enormous box office achievement, we’re back to remembering that he’s one of the most convincing action actors around, including putting out a certain character.

Whatever your view of his acting chops, rumors have already emerged that he has been regarded for The Eternals of MCU, which is reported to have Angelina Jolie as Sersei in the lead. If this becomes real, it may be a dream for Keanu and obviously his bank account as well.

If he were to join The Eternals, we would see Reeves becoming part of a lucrative franchise that would make him the next Robert Downey, Jr. Then again, like Downey, some people may miss watching Reeves in the quirky indie movies he used to make.

Joining the MCU could further increase its net worth of $350 million. Don’t be amazed if, thanks to their huge tank of money accessible to land the A-list talent they want, he winds up one of the largest paid performers today.