Sharp-eyed viewers that watched Game of Thrones Sunday night’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” spotted a coffee cup on a table in the great hall of Winterfell in the fictional, very coffee-less realm of Westeros. The offending item was spotted on a table in a scene where metal goblets and hollowed-out animal horns were the utensils of choice during a celebratory feast at Winterfell castle.

Each episode reportedly costs $15 million to make, so the fact that a Starbucks cup passed so many eyes and so many levels of experts and edits is very hilarious. That coffee cup is Arya Stark levels of sneaky. Twitter is convinced it’s a Starbucks cup, but it really could be from anywhere. Without the low lighting, everyone would be able to tell the ramparts of Winterfell looked like the aftermath of an 8 a.m. college lecture.

But there was also frustration on the part of many fans, who drew a link between the blunder and complaints that other standards had slipped as the show neared its end. “Game of Thrones – the final season. Where we need to make it all work, so we just get lazy with the writing,” complained one viewer on Twitter.

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Such complaints are likely to get short shrift from Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow and shared screen time with the coffee cup.
The actor launched a vociferous attack last month on all critics of Game of Thrones, saying they knew nothing.

The outrage over the coffee cup echoes reaction to a viral photo from 2017, apparently showing a pick-up truck in the snow-laden distance of one Game of Thrones scene. It was subsequently discovered the image had come from a behind the scenes featurette.

The real question is someone going to get sacked over this ?