This has been the second occurrence of a radio burst being traced to its home galaxy across the universe. Astronomers have yet to determine what causes these powerful and mysterious waves.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology’s Owens Valley Radio Observatory have uncovered the origin for FRB 190523. The discovery was published in the Natural Journal on Tuesday stating that the galaxy is similar to our own Milky Way in size, and is 7.9 billion light-years away.

Study author and assistant professor of astronomy at Caltech Vikram Ravi stated that “Finding the locations of the one-off FRBs is challenging because it requires a radio telescope that can both discover these extremely short events and locate them with the resolving power of a mile-wide radio dish”

The mystery behind the radio bursts still remains unknown, although people like to believe that they’re coming from an ET civilization. This hasn’t been completely ruled out, they could come from aliens, but scientists say they could come from supernova remnants or black holes.