Bashar El Assad lashed out at Erdoğan, saying that Turkey’s invasion in Syria was “an aggression, an occupation”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was asked by the US government to interfere in Syria when the terrorists lost control of different areas, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad told Greek daily Kathimerini in a rare interview.

“Any single Turkish soldier on Syrian soil represents occupation. That doesn’t mean the Turkish people are our enemies. Only a few days ago, a political delegation visited from Turkey. We have to distinguish between the Turks in general and Erdoğan,” Assad noted, adding that the Turkish president is affiliated with the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood.

“Maybe he’s not officially member, but his affiliation is toward that ideology, I call it this dark ideology. And for him, because, like the West, when the terrorists lost control of different areas, and actually they couldn’t implement the agenda of Turkey or the West or Qatar or Saudi Arabia, somebody had to interfere.”

“This is where the West interfered through the recent attacks on Syria, and this is where Erdoğan was assigned by the West, mainly the United States, to interfere, to make the situation complicated, again because, without this interference, the situation would have been resolved much faster,” Assad emphasised.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said in a February 17, 2019 speech that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a “small-time employee of the Americans.” He added that every inch of Syria will be liberated and that whoever tries to interfere will be treated as an enemy. In addition, Al-Assad called on the Kurds to not trust America to protect them. The speech was uploaded to Syrian Presidency’s YouTube channel.

“Our enemies do not learn their lessons, and maybe it is a good thing, because that way they keep repeating the same mistakes.” Bashar El Assad stated. “Despite the theatrics of that Muslim Brotherhood guy Erdoğan, who tries to present himself as the one pulling the strings… Sometimes he is angry, sometimes he gets upset and makes threats, and lately he began to lost his patience, and that is a big problem apparently… The truth is… The truth is that he is nothing but a small-time employee of the Americans. I am not one to exaggerate. No, we are talking about the reality.”

He added “Every inch of Syria will be liberated, and whoever interferes is our enemy. We will treat every occupier as an enemy. This is not a political position, but a patriotic one. This is a patriotic axiom that is not up for debate.”

“We say to the [Kurdish] groups that put their trust in the Americans: The Americans will never protect you. The Americans will never embrace you to their heart or to their bosom. The Americans will put you in their pockets as bargaining chips, right next to their dollars. They have already begun this. If you do not prepare yourselves to fight and defend your country, you will be nothing more than slaves of the Ottomans. Only your country can protect you. Only the Syrian Army will defend you.” He emphasized.