Marilyn Monroe was photographed on the autopsy table, nude, just hours after her death. Rolls of undeveloped camera film remain a mystery.

A documentary on the death of Monroe claims that Leigh Wiener, photographer, bribed the security and got into the mortuary.

The photographer’s son, Devik Wiener, revealed in the documentary that his father ‘utilized a couple of bottles of scotch to get into an area that was off-limits’.

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Leigh sent Time magazine three rolls of film of Marilyn’s body, including the infamous picture of her inside the morgue and with a toe tag attached.

The deceased photographer’s son claims that there are two more rolls of film ‘containing images of Monroe’s nude corpse’.

‘The last two rolls, which contained imagery beyond just the toe tag, he took back to his own studio and claims to have processed, examined, and then very quickly put into a safe deposit box,’ said Devik who reveals that his father didn’t think they were for the public to see.

The photographer himself died in 1993, but did not tell his descendants where he had hidden the film with provocative photographs of naked Marilyn Monroe.