Joe Longthorne, singer and impressionist, died at 64 at his Blackpool home.

His career lasted for five decades, as he appeared on multiple TV shows and had multiple overseas tours. A statement on the performer’s website mentioned that he died in Jamie, his husband’s arms.

“Joe died in his bedroom, laying in the arms of his devoted husband of 21 years Jamie, with his rosary beads clutched tight to his chest. He leaves behind sister Ann and brother John,” the statement said.

Joe Longthorne health deterioration

Longthorne was diagnosed with blood cancer at the peak of his career in 1989. “Cancer is not a word you expect to hear when things are going so well,” he said.

“I felt invincible and suddenly out of the blue I felt helpless. I had two choices – to give in or fight. I chose the latter. I got up, dusted myself off and got on with life”.

Despite his leukemia, he came up with a plethora of albums in the 1990s and continued performing.

In 2005, he suffered more health complications after a bone marrow transplant. He was given the last rites by a priest, but recovered and continued selling out concerts.

In 2011, he went through a serious car crash that left him with a broken nose and broken ribs. He was awarded an MBE for charitable services only a year later.

The decline in health reached its peak when he was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Despite that, he continued to work in time for his sixtieth birthday.

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Friends mourne the passing performer

Les Dennis tweeted “So very sad to hear that Joe Longthorne has died. Worked with him many times. A supreme talent and a nice man. Thoughts with his family. RIP.”

John Thomson expressed his grief through twitter saying, “RIP Joe Longthorne, huge talent Great entertainer. Prayers & love for friends & family”