John Ferriter was an American talent representative and television producer.

He launched The Alternative, a management and production company after working for William Morris’ PR agency for 19 years.

He was promoted to Executive Vice President at William Morris’ agency and worked with Hollywood’s largest celebrity client representation agencies.

He was known by being the best at transplanting British stars to the US audience.

John was also into music as his band opened for bands like Guns N’ Roses, The Bangles, and REM. They were known as The Tearaways.

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John Ferriter Death

On Friday night, he passed away at the age of 59 in unexplained circumstances.

Piers Morgan paid tributes to his manager and friend on Twitter, saying “RIP John Ferriter, 59. My brilliant manager and ferociously loyal, kind, charismatic & supremely talented friend. I trusted him with my life, and he enriched my life so much. Thank you John, for everything you did for me, and for my family.”

His death occurred in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. It happened just weeks after Peter Andrew stated that he wants him on US TV.

“He’s done wonders for Piers Morgan on the shows in America. He’s done jobs with Mark Wright, and all the gigs Mark’s done in America. So I really am in good hands.” he said.

He added, “We have actually talked about doing TV work so you know, it is one of the main focuses as well as film.”

“I like what John has done with Piers worldwide. He’s done some amazing shows. What I’d like to achieve is something I’d be known for doing, for a show that’s worldwide. I’m feeling quite confident the next couple of years will be really amazing.”