ASAP Rocky has been arrested in Sweden and is accused of assault. Prosecutors believe it’s because of a fight in Stockholm on Sunday at Smash, a music festival.

There’s a video that has popped up online featuring him punching a man on the streets. The rapper then posted videos on his own social media showing that the man has been following him. He also mentioned that it was before the fight that has occurred.

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Rakim Mayers, aka ASAP Rocky, is one of four people to be arrested because of the incident, Sweden’s Prosecution Authority stated.

The rapper stated on the Instagram videos that “They followed us for 4 blocks, and we didn’t know these guys and didn’t want trouble.” He added “They hit security in the face with headphones and they follow us”

Soon after the arrest, many took it to Twitter to express their disappointment. They use the hashtag #FreeRocky.