Kim Kardashian is often referred to as the celebrity renowned for doing nothing, or individuals claim she is renowned for being popular. That isn’t precisely accurate, though. Even though Kim has no traditional celebrity career— like a musician, actress, or athlete — you can’t say she hasn’t done anything to succeed. In fact, Kim has been working very hard to become a celebrity. Let’s look at what the life of Kim was like before she became famous.

She grew up in Beverly Hills before everyone knew Kim’s name. However, she was far from average in her childhood. From a young age, she had been surrounded by famous and wealthy people.

Her dad, Robert Kardashian, was close friends with NFL coach O.J. Simpson and created headlines when he depicted Simpson during his murder trial in 1994. Kim joined the Marymount private High School for girls graduating in 1998.

Kim began her professional life with the stars as a wardrobe manager. She has worked with famous people such as Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, and Paris Hilton. Kim can actually be seen in scenes from the Hilton reality show, The Simple Life, organizing the closet for Paris.

Kim Kardashian became good friends with Paris in the beginning 2000s. The couple could often be seen together, and many claim that Paris is why Kim was allowed to become a “celebrity for doing nothing.” Paris may have instructed Kim precisely how to get individuals talking about her and how to get the attention of the media.

The media strategy was working, and people were starting to know who Kim was. It really took off for Kim after a sex tape scandal and an offer for a reality show.

In 2006, Kim launched a retail store called DASH together with her siblings Kourtney and Khloe. It was a shop that marketed clothes and accessories in a boutique style. On their fresh reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the experience of operating the shops has been recorded.

The Kardashians chose to close the shops after 12 years and concentrate on other areas of their lives.

Although the DASH stores were ultimately unsuccessful, in other areas the Kardashians had a lot of success. Mainly, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality show, has been operating for a complete 16 seasons and has several spin-off films. There’s no stopping at this point what Kim Kardashian name can accomplish.