Thousands of Lucifer supporters submitted a petition calling on Netflix to offer a sixth season to the famous series, but the top boss is making it clear that it will all end with season five.

Earlier this week, when Lucifer star Lauren German told viewers that they should press Netflix for extra episodes, the petition seemed to gain momentum.

She seemed happy at first that it would end with season 5.

“I can’t even believe how much I’ve seen from you all that you want a season 6 and more,” German wrote. “As is, we are only doing a S5, however I have to thank you for all the love, interest and encouragement.”

An hour later, however, German apparently endorsed the petition drive, encouraging fans to sign.

The petition has exceeded the 35 K mark thanks largely to German’s tweet. In comparison to Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis, who posted on Instagram previously in the week that it would be season 5, German’s approval of the petition drive appeared.

Looking at the popularity of the petition, the top boss, Lucifer Executive Producer Joe Henderson, weighed in making it very apparent that S5 will be the last one. Henderson replied to the supporters: “Nothing has changed! In season 5, our final season, we are wrapping up all our stories.”

Ending Lucifer seems to have divided the show cast and its enormous fandom at the end of season 5.

Eon Productions is looking for a fresh James Bond as Daniel Craig, who has raised the moodiness of Bond to fresh heights, is eventually withdrawing from the iconic position.

For four seasons, Ellis has been playing the devil with charm and rage and wit, so the shift to Bond should be easy, with all its action-packed moodiness.

In fact, his part as the snarky and devilish Lucifer was just an additional lengthy hearing for one of Hollywood’s breakthrough employment.

It could only be a matter of time before Ellis goes from playing the devil to uttering the iconic phrase: Bond, James Bond.