It has been proven that child marriages have an 80% failure rate, meaning that they’re definitely not healthy nor happy.

Pennsylvania is ready to be the third state, after New Jersey and Delaware, to boycott child marriage, without any exemptions. A few states, for example, New York, cut out exemptions for court-liberated minors.

This year, Colorado, Georgia, Arkansas, Nevada, Ohio, Utah and Louisiana have finally put an age limit on marriage. This means that a dozen states still have no minimum age for marriage.

In order to protect the children, many states have enforced a law not only on age but on marriage licenses. This will widely reduce unwanted marriage circumstances, and minors will be required to have parental consent.

Some of the states who have enforced this are really putting a child bride into consideration by imagining every situation she must be put it. Whether that be threatened, coached, forced, or intimidated. Those threats against a young woman are frightening and severe measures must be in action when they’re detected.

The main objective is getting states to set a base minimum age for marriage, which is eighteen. That would prevent young ladies to pick destination spots to get married at, therefore abolishing child marriage.