Anton from Love Island finally meets Tamer Hassan, Belle’s dad. He is super nervous as he has hurt his daughter many times on the show.

The series of unfortunate events is that Anton kissed Anna Vakili during a challenge, made Belle cry on TV and gave a shop assistant his phone number.

“We’ll have the chat later,” Tamer warns Anton.

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Tamer Hassan says he wants to rip Anton’s head off!

“When she first went in and was like, ‘Can I sleep in your bed?’, I was like I’m going to rip his head off,” Tamer says as the two families gathered around the fire pit.

He added, “But I’ve got to say you two have unfolded and it’s blossomed into something really beautiful.”

As the conversation today will shift to the couple’s moment at the Island Club after Anton said Anna was by far, the best kisser in the villa. The viewers expect Tamer to give Anton a grilling.

“Anton is 100% wrong for kissing Anna. It was disrespectful and disloyal, two of Belle’s biggest hates,” the Football Factory star told The Sun.

The 51-year-old added, “I am now doubting Anton’s feelings for Belle and that makes me an unhappy dad! On the outside, Belle would not tolerate that behavior.”

“If Anton genuinely has feelings for my daughter, he’s going to have to work harder to win her back, to gain her trust.”

The couple was on bad terms, but now back on track after the Scottish lad apologized.