A parents biggest struggle is waking kids up every morning for school. No one likes waking up super early and it is definitely not worth it when it is for school. Change that with easy simple steps that will make your mornings smoother.

1.Prepare everything the night before

This is essential for saving up time in the morning. Prepare the food for your kids, the uniforms and the backpacks the night before every single day. This will help you not forget anything when you’re in a rush in the morning and it is honestly so much pleasing to see everything planned out. 

2. Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep.

It’s never a good thing when you can’t wake up to wake up your kids for school. Most parents make their children skip school because they didn’t get enough sleep that night. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day and make it a rule to get your kids in bed at a fixed time every day so their internal clock gets used to waking up and sleeping early.

3. Wake up before your kids.

Waking up before your kids to prepare everything is definitely something to consider. Make breakfast first before waking them up because if you make them wait for their food, they will most probably fall back asleep.

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4. Make a morning routine chart.

Who doesn’t like charts and lists? They make life so much easier. Put a system for your kids to follow that is timed so you know exactly what to do every morning without messing something up or forgetting a step. Make sure your kids know what they should do every morning as well, this is important to save time and make things less messy in the mornings

5. Let a timer be the reminder

Timers are crucial for school mornings. They will tell you exactly how much time you have left for school and how much time you spend doing a certain routine. This will help to determine exactly how many hours are needed in the mornings to get everything done.