About last week an individual named William Rose, who was intoxicated at the National Rifle Association in Indiana threw a cell phone at the stage as Donald Trump approached the lectern, sources told Fox News. This incident, however, wasn’t as famous as the time when the Iraqi journalist in 2008 threw a shoe at then-President George W. Bush during a press conference in Iraq. Bush ducked and missed the shoe, shortly after which the journalist was forcibly removed from the room by security.

The Secret Service in a statement to the press said: “At approximately 12:30 p.m. (ET) today, President Trump was at an event in Indianapolis, IN. And as Donald Trump was walking onto the stage, but prior to his remarks, a cell phone from the crowd landed on the opposite side of the stage. An individual was removed from the event and the investigation is continuing.”

The video was shot by Bradley Brewer and shows the phone being launched into the air and landing on the stage to Trump’s left.

“A man threw a cell phone on stage when President Trump walked out for his @nra speech,” tweeted Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor. “He threw it stage left, while POTUS was closer to stage right.”

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office provided a statement to Fox News, saying they “assisted the US Secret Service today in an ongoing investigation. William Rose, a subject in the investigation, was transported to receive a mental health evaluation.”

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