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A mathematical method for calculating black-hole properties from gravitational-wave data

Scientists Believe Black Holes Could Be Portals to Other Galaxies

Scientists Believe Black Holes Could Be Portals to Other Galaxies
Evolving cockroaches

Evolving cockroaches are becoming almost impossible to kill

Cockroaches are evolving and becoming almost impossible to kill with chemicals, US scientists announced. A study by Purdue...
Elon Musk's SpaceX Will launch 60 Satellites in a mission to cover full earth with internet

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Will launch 60 Satellites in a mission to...

SpaceX will attempt to jump start its ambitious internet-from-space initiative known as Starlink, by launching the first 60 production satellites of nearly 12,000 planned spacecraft into a low orbit above Earth

7.9 billion light-years away galaxy sends fast radio burst

This has been the second occurrence of a radio burst being traced to its home galaxy across the universe. Astronomers have yet...

SpaceX Unveils Silvery Vision to Mars: ‘It’s Basically an I.C.B.M. That...

BOCA CHICA VILLAGE, Tex. — As you drive east along Texas State Highway 4, it looks like a giant, shiny and pointy grain silo...

Volcano eruption beneath The Milky Way captured by NASA

The photo, which is featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, was snapped by photographer Diego Rizzo in Guatemala
Canada one step closer to banning dolphins, whales in captivity

Canada Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity

Whales and dolphins don’t belong in tanks, and the inherent suffering these highly social and intelligent animals endure in intensive confinement can no longer be tolerated.

Elon Musk Sets Out SpaceX Starship’s Ambitious Launch Timeline

BOCA CHICA VILLAGE, Texas — As Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive of SpaceX, says repeatedly, he created a rocket company because he...
Elon Musk reportedly confirms Tesla would be out of money in 10 Months

Elon Musk Says Tesla needs financial management or it will go...

Elon Musk has reportedly told Tesla‘s employees that the company will run out of cash in 10 months if no changes are made in an all-staff email — which was obtained and reviewed by Reuters
Mars impact crater

Astronomers Spot a New Crater on Mars Unlike Anything They’ve Ever...

The planet Mars doesn't damage easily, but the outcome is almost a work of art when it does.

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