Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be shown at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Aug. 7 during an Unpacked event, according to people acquainted with the company’s plans. The venue is the same location where Note 9 was launched by the South Korean innovation giant last year.

The Note range of devices does not sell as well as the Galaxy S phones from Samsung, but there is a fervent fan base on the large screen phablet. The first Note, introduced in 2011, started the trend towards larger phone screens, a trend that is becoming the norm across the mobile sector. The screen size of the first note— 5.3 inches— now appears to be nearly tiny compared to giants like the 6.4-inch display of Note 9 and the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone XS Max.

The Note 10 launch starts as Samsung faces a weaker smartphone market thanks to the domination of Huawei. Prices are rising for the latest devices, but features do not dramatically change from generation to generation. That implies that we have a longer hold on our devices than before. The hope is 5G, and latest designs such as foldable devices could boost the smartphone market.

The Galaxy Fold, a device that extends into a tablet, was Samsung’s response to the portable lethargy. The $1,980 phone has failed entirely, being the first major smartphone to integrate a foldable screen. Initially, Samsung scheduled to release the device on April 26, but it postponed the Fold when screens broke on sample phones some reviewers tested. Samsung did not put a new date for sales or explain what was happening with some of the displays.

As for the device itself, it has been rumored that four models — two sizes (6.28 inches and 6.75 inches) and two cellular configurations (4 G and 5 G) — will front the Note 10 series and probably lack physical buttons, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, but will feature three or four back cameras based on the model size.

The company is definitely looking towards the end of the year to gain some momentum. Before betting on whether the phone will get that momentum, we might need to learn more about Note 10.