This is the latest breaking news that you should know today!

1- Victory for Women

On Wednesday, the national U.S. women’s soccer team will reign supreme once again in NYC’s Canyon of Heroes. The World Cup win will inspire a celebratory parade in lower Manhattan.

2- From Spy to National Leader

Internet engineer, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, and a future 2021 presidential candidate for Iran states that designing the Intelligence Ministry’s surveillance systems should be a concern.

3- Reporters Digging Some Dirt

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking charges spark a counter-intuitive trend. Investigative journalists are living their best lives while struggling news media industry remains.

READ: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking Minors

4- Fish Coming Back From The Dead

America’s vanishing Sturgeon are starting to make recent appearances. The armor-plated creatures were found in abundance before men started hunting them down for their caviar goodness. They were very close to extinction, but now some are found in waterways and they are recovering.

5- High Gun control on The Agenda

More breaking news: A Key election battleground currently in Virginia, as interest groups and activists are getting ready for a major clash over gun laws.