Heidi Klum is slammed on social media for posting topless photos of herself. The former ‘Project Runway’ host was made fun of because of her age.

Klum has recently been marries and is on her honeymoon in Italy with her husband. She posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption: “All I see is WATER.”

The 46-year old got lots of negative feedback on the post, someone wrote “ALL I SEE IS MIDLIFE CRISIS.”

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Heidi Klum also posted multiple pictures of her body in a swimsuit, and people were super mean.

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Buongiorno ☕️🤪

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“You look like my 70-year-old mom from the back,” one person commented. While another said, “You need to hit the gym grandma.”

“Enough already. Good for you you are married again and again,” another one commented.

“Good role model for their children…NOT! Why is she half naked on every other picture?” questioned another.

Despite the hate, it seems that Klum isn’t bothered by the criticism as she continues to travel around Italy on a yacht with her new hubby.